Birth Of The Goddess

I invite you to join this most fantastic long weekend workshop. Simply said The best workshop I created so far…

You will Discover, Embrace, Awaken, Liberate, Cleanse, Heal & Embody All Your True Feminine Energy & Power.

Ask yourself a question:

What is the Power of the Female? Where is that Power located?

How does this power relate to and depend on the Male Power?

What is the Power of the Mother? What is the Power of the Lover?

What is the Power of the Girl? What is the Power of the Goddess?

Eve, The First Woman will become your Greatest Ally and Helper

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This 2 day Workshop will take place almost on the day of the Birth of the Goddess. Previous workshops were incredibly successful. To find out more Read comments in the Guestbook

What is Included in this workshop: Journey to meet Eve Journey to the Goddess Awakening of the Goddess
Fire Ceremony to let go of all Fears Journey to Heal your wounds and hurts , Journey to Free yourself from the grip of your Ego
Birth of the Goddess Sacred Shamanic Ritual to restore Woman in her true & full Power and much more…. Creativity, Intuition & Magic.

23-24 July 2021
The workshop starts on Saturday at 10am and finishes on Sunday by 5PM

Space limited to 8 participants

Non expensive on-site accommodation is now available in my residence

This 2 day workshop is only £170



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