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Welcome to Tai Chi and Qi Gong in East Midlands by Robert Hawk
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I have been learning & practicing Chinese MArtial art for almost 20 years Now I teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong for beginners

Tai Chi is very relaxing and healing art for health and self defence It is an Internal and Extrenal Martial Art

Qi Gong is an integral part of Chinese Martial Art. It is actually Internal Martial Art because it does not require exhausting exercises. It was assumed that Qi Gong holds the key to the longevity, health and mystical secret powers like Fa Jin or Dim Mak for example.

Qi Means Internal (local floating) life force / energy

Gong means Mastering the flow, cultivation of the Self

Qi Gong means Mastering the Flow of Internal Energy.

I have been learning and practicing a variety of different forms of Qi Gong and other forms of Chinese Martial Arts for over 15 years and now it’s time to pass on what I’ve learned.

Regular weekly class of Qi Gong for beginners is on Mondays 6.30 PM

The class duration is up to 60 minutes and includes stretching, warm up, breathing techniques and different form of Qi Gong- Zheng Zhuang Qi Gong, Ba Duan Jin and Yi Jin Jing

The benefits of Qi Gong exercise are many and include a strong and healthy body, balanced mind, improved digestion and immune system and longevity.

The cost is £6 only

if you are interested in joining the class, contact me via contact us page.


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To book your place on the course or the workshop email us via contact us page

All classes,courses and workshops take place in my residence in Heanor, Derbyshire, Amber Valley, close to Derby and to Nottingham, East Midlands, England, UK