Soul Retrieval – I Heal All Your Trauma and Drama With Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval – I Heal All Your Trauma and Drama With Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is one of the most effective healing methods. It is an act of bringing lost life force back from the time and place, where it has been originally lost. Soul loss occurs mostly during a traumatic event which causes the part of life force to leave the energetic body – loss of the soul part. Once this happens, life of the one who suffered the soul loss is more or less altered, damaged or even paralysed. This situation continues until the soul retrieval takes place and the traumatic event is closed. Look at the picture Light shining is energy of your soul coming back to your heart chakra through my hands
Heart of your animal after healing

The fact that part of the life-fore is missing is very likely to eventually result into either an emotional, psychological illness (often soon after the soul loss occurs) or into a physical condition, which takes usually much longer. It is a matter of months or years before the physical illness occurs. Combination of both is also possible but it does not always happen.

The soul part cannot return by itself: Once the traumatic event has happened, it keeps happening somewhere else until it is stopped, healed or resolved. You could perhaps easily picture it as if the film on DVD, which has got stuck and it keeps replaying that short traumatic event. This is because the viewers who were affected by the movie left the scene without turning the movie off. They left in a hurry, without realising what happened and that the movie keeps being played on and on until someone comes back to the room where the horror is on and turns it off. This often transpires as nightmares where the trauma is being replayed over and over again. This is a message form the life force that is stuck in the trauma – Please come an help me

Its different from psychotherapy which encourages client to deal with the trauma. Shaman heals the trauma in the trance and in the place where the trauma happened and brings back the life force – soul part which has been healed. Client does not have to revisit painful traumatic situation, Shaman does this in clients behalf.

I will journey back to the time and place where the original traumatic events happened to find your lost soul part – life force and return it into your energetic body = your soul.

To find out whether you are suffering from soul loss see if following applies to your situation:

feeling lost, stuck, or unable to move on

unable to let go of the past hurts

feeling betrayed, abandoned and left out

feeling not whole without someone else and needy of someone else

feeling depressed, overly stressed and anxious

feeling empty, devastated, self hating

feeling emotionally numb, crippled and torn apart

feeling without power to change own life

Conditions healed by shamans with soul retrieval are so many and include: a number of emotional and mental problems and some physical conditions can be improved too

The very moment of the Soul loss is very often combined with the transferral of intrusive entity. My aim is to heal the soul of the client fully including removal of intrusive entities

Soul retrieval treatment takes typically from 40 minutes up to 120 minutes

The soul retrieval is usually £60 – £120 depending on your circumstances and on the combination with the other forms of healing If you want to pay more you are welcome Thank you

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