Hawk's House is one the the longest established Shamanic Shops in the UK.

Shamanic Drumming Cds and Meditation Cds

Shamanic Drumming Cds

Shamanic Drumming CD - Sacred Drumming in 2012

Sacred Drumming in 2012 is the most advanced and the ...

Sales price: £10.00
Discount: £-3.00

Shamanic Trance Drumming

Robert is a founder of the Hawk's House - Centre of ...

Sales price: £12.00
Discount: £-3.00

Shamanic Meditation CD

This Meditation CD contains four specially chosen tracks ...

Sales price: £8.00
Discount: £-3.00

Atlantean & lemurian Meditation - 5 week programme

I am welcoming you to join the Flow of Magical meditation ...

Sales price: £50.00
Discount: £-25.00