Mayan Calendars and 2012....

 2013 Mayan 2012 New Beginning Started   


2013  is a year of the Beginning of the New Humanity


 In 1986 a powerful Earthquake struck Mexico City and then there was about  25 year period of the World between Worlds


This period ended in last 400 days. What we are experiencing now is the New Dawn, New Start and its not like we were told by 2012 ''gurus''.


There is No Ascention to Higher Dimensions, apart from going deep within your Higher Self.   Our planet is beautiful enough, so while the new humanity , 6th Humanity, being precise, living under the 6th Sun is learning how to take baby steps, let's enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth, our Planet, our Home. Let's help our Mother to heal and repair her self from  nasty woulds inflicted by her own human children.  While you do that, forgive those who wounded our mother and do not forget.  


With Love and smile because


In Lak'ech Ala K'in


 Before 2013

 People think that Mayan Tun Based Calendar Ends on 21st December that True???


Mayans knew by 2012 time as we know it will end...

As we are moving closer and closer to this date, more of us are becoming
aware of huge changes happening to our consciousness. We can say that
consciousness is evolving although most of people do not accept themselves
as consciousness, most of human beings still believe we are made of meat and
bones only... And that is a problem

I have been working outside of time and space for some time - many years
and I have been drawn to the Mayan Calendars by the action of Spirit -

Our Calendar is Gregorian Calendar implemented by The Pope Gregory in 16th
century. The Head of the Church which actually still claims to be the
emissary of the God or at least his only son on Earth decided that from one
day on Friday the Whole world will be following his calendar starting on
Year 0001 of Life of the Lord. And This calendar is based on the movement of
the Earth around the Sun. So the ''highest representative of GOD'' makes
sure that the whole world follows the calendar based on the movement of
material objects, which gives birth to materialist society and to the
Industrial revolution.

Yet all this is perfectly organised.

Mayans knew the Universe started 16.4 billion years ago without using modern

They knew life started on this planet 820 Million years ago without using
modern science

They knew they live in evolving creation under divine guidance all the time

They knew all this and much more 5000 years ago. They also knew in that time
that we shall evolve to the full Divinity in next 4 years.

How is all this possible.....????

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