Shamanic Healing Tools

Shamanic Healing can help you with many conditions – We offer Soul Retrieval, Psychic Surgery, Entity Removal, Etheric Healing, Past Life Healing, Pre Birth Healing, and much more

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Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval s the most effective shamanic healing tool. The Shaman journeys outside of time and space and finds the lost life force (soul part) and brings it back to the energy body of the client. This process includes healing of the traumatic situation that caused the soul loss in the first place

Psychic Surgery & Entity Removal
Work together in order to remove intrusive entities, energies and spirits from the energy body (aura) of the client. Many emotional problems and physical conditions can be improved and healed with shamanic healing tools like Psychic Surgery, Soul retrieval, Entity Removal.

Past Life Healing, Pre Birth healing and Healing of the Future
These are as powerful and as effective as the above listed forms of Shamanic healing.

A Day with A Shaman
A special day of change, where you will receive a warm welcome to my sacred healing space, an initial reading of your energy field, which will indicate the correct choice of shamanic healing. We will cook a vegetarian lunch together and have an introduction to the mysteries of shamanic life in the afternoon.
A Day with a Shaman

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