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Shamanic Healing Online Course can be joined any day during world wide lockdown and normally  on 7th day of each month

This course is for people from far away, from other countries or for people who can’t travel. Now you can study Shamanic healing from your own home with my  support by email and by Skype. This course content is almost the same as regular Shamanic Healing & Personal Freedom Course. This course is £800 cheaper compared to the regular course. Only £1220 Spaces are unlimited and you can join this course on 7th each month starting in November 2017  download_button1.png

My name is Robert. I live as a Shaman, Healer, Teacher and  Guide.  I have been teaching Shamanic Healing Courses since 2007.   I would like to welcome you in joining our

Shamanic Healing & Personal Freedom Course.  Online option can be joined on 7th Day of the month

Join this course  based not only on Amazonian and Native American Shamanism and learn to become a Shamanic Healer. During next nearly 13 months you will more or less master journeying inside of linear time and 3D space and outside of time and space as well. You will heal yourself and know how to heal others with Soul retrieval, Extraction Medicine & Psychic Surgery. You will find out about what is Your Etheric Self and how it works and thus you will start to work with the Source of Life Etheric Vitality. Other healing forms are   Shamanic Core Processing, Psycho Pomp Work. Past Life healing,  Pre-Birth healing  Healing  with the Drum Healing with the plants and Mysterious Healing of the Future

1 year course of Ancient Shamanic Healing methods online option can be joined on 7th day of each month
During your shamanic healing and personal freedom course you will start gradually opening your perception to the Highest levels of vibration known by the mystics as Superconsciousness  You will have an opportunity to experience Atlantis and Lemuria and absorb Atlantean and  Lemurian Wisdom into your everyday life  You will receive an e-book Emerald tablets of Thoth – The Atlantean King – The oldest book on this planet. You will acquire an understanding on Mayan Calendars and 2012 plus you will be working with the Sacred Tzolkin
Qi Gong training for the healthy flow of internal life force energy
Continuous Personal Freedom Course
This  Course Covers the Whole Medicine Wheel Shamanic Healing Online Course can be joined  on 7th day of each month
Shamanic healing methods is one part of the course     Gradual Development of your Spiritual Awareness in another part Personal freedom – Freedom for your mind is the last part of the course.

Personal Freedom Course is included in Shamanic healing Course.  Throughout the whole course you will be working on freeing your mind, so you will become free to be able to think what you want to think and free to be who you were meant to be. 

Shamanic Healing Online Course can be joined  on 7th day of each month

The Shamanic healing  and  Personal Freedom Online course is not £2020 but only £1220 in full or in 4-10 monthly installments.

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Shamanic Healing Course contents

Shamanic Healing & Personal Power Tools 

Shamanic Journeying  A word shaman originates from Siberian Saman – Someone who knows Shaman is also a ‘Master of Ecstasy’ The word ecstasy comes from the Greek – ex-stasis – meaning outside the limited, narrow state we call ‘normal’ 3D waking reality. Shaman is also somebody who walks grounded with one leg in this world and grounded with another leg in the other world.  Students will learn the art of the shamanic journey which is one of the most effective and meaningful visionary methods of gaining hidden knowledge and wisdom. During A Shamanic journey the  student will meet their own Spirit Guides, either animal, Human or another realm spirit guide in order to learn hidden knowledge and to facilitate self-transformation, and personal empowerment.  Students will explore the cosmology of the shamanic reality, known as the Upper, Lower, and Middle worlds.

 Soul retrieval – is one of the most effective healing methods. It is an act of bringing lost life force back from the time and place, where it has been originally lost, during a traumatic event which caused the loss of a soul part. Shaman will journey back to the time and place where the traumatic event happened to find the lost soul part of the client -life force and return it into client’s energetic body, which can be called the soul. To understand how soul retrieval works, we need to accept the multidimensional nature of reality and stop being limited by a linear sequential perspective. From this expanded perspective, anything which has ever happened to anybody, anywhere; it is still happening somewhere’. If a traumatic event occurred for a person ten, twenty and or so years ago, for that person it is still happening, and almost certainly it is also in some way still influencing the person’s life.

Psychic Surgery – Extraction Medicine – is non invasive detection and removal of intrusive energy manifesting as physical illness from the body. An Illness is seen in shamanic world as an ‘invasive external force’ within the human field of energy  Conditions which can be healed include arthritis, migraines, vertigo, stress, virus infections, IBS and stomach problems and many more. Students will learn techniques to help them to ‘see’ or perceive external intrusions in a person’s field of energy, and to safely remove them

Healing With Etheric Self /Double   – Etheric double is an Etheric Counterpart to the Physical Body, Emotional Body and  Mental Body  as well. Etheric Double is a Source of Our Etheric Vitality its like a shadow self however its a pure source of Life Force. Working and healing with Etheric Double brings far better results and no risk of loss of own energy in the process of healing  at all.

Shamanic Core Processing is a healing method developed for Shamanic practitioners to support their clients, in obtaining a deep understanding into their life issues and problems and to find ways to address and resolve them. It is a process of empowering the client and freeing the client from difficult issues usually unknown to the client. Students will learn how to discover hidden resources and broaden their connection to sources of spiritual nourishment for themselves and for the client. All students will receive training in this method, which is actually bridging traditional and modern methods of healing.

Shamanic Divination Shamanism is not a system of belief or faith, it is a system of experiential knowledge. Divination is one of the ancient paths to gain such experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge is not knowledge based on learning it is a knowledge based on lived experience.
Divination is not ‘fortune telling’, it is a way to a deeper understanding of events and influences surrounding a situation or person. Divination has always been an integral part of shamanism. One of the most important roles of the shaman has been to seek revelatory knowledge from visionary sources, which may be for healing purposes, “why has this person become ill?”, “what medicine does this person need?
In divination, the role of the shaman is to act as a mediator or ‘middle-man’. The shaman, by exploring and providing the initial reading and interpretation, allows the seeker of this information to avoid projecting personal wants, desires, and wishes if the question or situation is emotionally  charged. Students will extensively learn and experience advanced divination skills.

Pre Birth Healing Journey – Not possible for Online Training – is one of the most powerful healing and transformational methods. This process removes all negative emotional patterns we  gather from the moment of our own conception and that we are given  by our parents and  social conditioning. This is True Life Transformation….   Carlos Castaneda: “There is a teaching that 80% of our energy is locked into habit, rigid patterns from generational & social conditioning and our personal history. The remaining 20% constitutes our true free will. The great teaching of the Medicine Wheel is to light a path to guide us towards release of these rigid habit patterns and addictions which, when unlocked generates a reservoir of energy which can be used cognitively and with conscious intent. This is true free will and freedom – no longer living parental and cultural dreams but truly living our own”.   All students will have opportunity unlock the power of their own energy they have been conceived with.

Healing with the Plants – Plants are the natural healers of Humans and for all living beings, they provide for all we need. yet our civilization does not understand how much we depend on plants not only for the oxygen production and for providing the timber for our lives and dwellings. Nature and its plant kingdom offers healing for any illness we humans can carry, so why do we do take chemical drugs which are rather killing us! Yet we continue burning down rainforests which are the lungs of our planet and where the most powerful healing plants exist.  To get into this awareness we will encourage the use of the freedom of calm stillness of love, instead of the fast judge mentality.

Students be invited to leave rational westernized mind behind and enter the kingdom of pure love and nourishment  that plants are offering to us all.  Plants from the British Isles and from the rainforest will be explored and examined.

Healing with the Drum and Sound – the drum is called Shaman’s Horse  because its carrying shaman  from 3 dimensional reality into One space and One time where everything that has already happened in the ‘past’ keeps happening  and where everything yet to happen in the future keeps happening too. The vibration and 222 beat of the drum enables shaman and actually anybody else to move away from beta waves in the brain to alpha waves which are connecting us with our souls and with all dimensional Universe. Drum is used for healing empowerment. This workshop will include healing with the drum and with singing bowls and many forms of the aspects of sound will be explored and experienced.

PsychoPomp Shaman as Midwife of Death and far beyond Journey – There is no death inside Universe of Life. Life never stops, this had been proven by Albert Einstein in the early 20th Century and yet our society is still driven by the Big Fear of Death. This module of the course explains and enables students to experience that there really is no death of the living being as such.   Shaman is a Conductor of the Living Soul which releases the physical body to be returned into the cycle of life through fire or burial into mother earth. Shaman ensures the Living Soul of the Being whose body died is guided to the realm of living light where it belongs.

Healing  the Future is the last workshop of the whole course. Students will explore their own lifelines coming to them from what we call ‘’Future’’. We will be able to see what is the probable future and what is the possible future and we can choose which one we want to happen  This process is very powerful transformation enabling desired future events to come into ones life.  Work with the karmic law is included in this module. Participants will be guided to clear their own karmic cycle.

Mastering the Transformation   The Whole Course work  towards Inner Freedom Transformation of the Parasite Consisting of Inner Judge, Inner Victim and the Book of Law with The Image of Perfection into your permanent Ally Completing the work running during the whole course. Development of Psychic Skills must be in harmony with the development of Spiritual Awareness to avoid slipping into chaos and no ability to keep control over own reactions while living in this beautiful yet chaotic world.

Completion Weekend Will bring all the Healing Tools and Your Personal Power Tolls together.

All Shamanic Courses, Shamanic Classes, & Workshops, Shamanic Healing are   provided in my residence in Heanor, Hawkshouse, close to Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, Leeds, London, based in England, United Kingdom, Europe, Planet Earth, Solar System and Milkey Way

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