Questions and answers about Shamanism

What is shamanism course?
Shamanic course is the best way to learn to become an effective shamanic Healer / shamanic practitioner

What are the benefits of shamanism?

Peace, freedom, health, wisdom, skills, healing skills, freedom of the mind

What is shamanic psychology?

Shamanic psychology is a completely different to a traditional psychology and modern psychology. It solves problems instead of rubbing salt into them

What is shamanic guidance?

Shamanic guidance is a shamanic way of helping you to walk your path
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2 thoughts on “Questions and answers about Shamanism

  1. Rachel Butler says:

    Hello I’m so interested in shamanism do you do training to become a shaman I want to learn all about it and the healing power of the drum is this something you do ? Many thanks Rachel

  2. Rafe Nauen says:

    Robert Hawk
    use google search
    3 women have told me of awful experiences with him as their therapist with him being extremely improper with vulnerable people

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