Shamanic Drumming CD – Sacred Drumming in 2012

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Sacred Drumming in 2012 is the most advanced and the best
Shamanic drumming CD Robert Hawk ever performed.


Shamanic Drumming CD recorded in 2012 and called Sacred Drumming in 2012

Track Listings:

1. Shamanic Journey
2. Body Consciousness Journey
3. Rattle & Drum Journey
4. Auahuasca Medicina Journey

Sacred Drumming contains 4 tracks: 3 drumming tracks and one shamanic meditation track guided by the drum beat.
1st track: Shamanic Journey; a classical journey with a sacred drum.
2nd track: Body Consciousness Journey. This track contains a meditation which has been passed on from shaman to shaman and
the original author of the text can not be traced.
3rd track: a wonderful combination of the Sacred drum and 2 rattles.
4th track: Auahuasca Medicina Journey. The unique style of drumming you will experience on this track has been given to Robert by Ayahuasca.

Enjoy this Wonderful drumming CD which has been played for you out of Robert’s Heart.

Robert Hawk lives and works as a Shaman, Healer, Teacher and Guide. He is the founder of Hawk’s House—Centre for Shamanic Development and Personal Empowerment.
Robert recorded his 1st drumming CD, Shamanic Trance Drumming, in 2008.This CD became quickly popular. His 2nd CD was recorded in 2010
and is called Shamanic Meditation. Both of them are sold in many places including Amazon.
Sacred Drumming in 2012 is the most advanced and the best drumming CD Robert Hawk ever performed.

Robert teaches shamanic journeying with the drum combined with shamanic meditation every
Wednesday from 7pm. Everyone is welcome to join anytime.
Robert also teaches The New Pre Egyptian Shamanic healing and freedom course and runs many workshops almost every month.




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