Orgonite Energy Balancing Pyramids – EMF Protection various colours

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All EMF Protection Pyramids generate a protective energy field that is at least 8m accross .This bubble of balanced energy extends for at least 8 metres in all directions. You will be able to feel this energy with your hands. It uses no batteries. It has no moving parts. It requires no maintenance. Every home and work place should have one, and is the most powerful device. It is designed to sit in your home or work place where it quietly generates a massive bubble-like field of balanced energy by moving and balancing large amounts of life-energy (Chi, Ki ,Prana, Orgone) Golden Orgonite Pyramid is your EMF Protection Pyramid,
The Various Orgonite Pyramids Each pyramid is aboout 7cm tall

Quantum physics proves that we are ordered energetic systems so anything that throws our energy systems into chaos causes us pain, suffering and dis-ease. Any form of disturbed energy whether it be from EMF/EMR (Electromagenetic field/Electro-magnetic radiation), Geopathic stress, energetic residue or our own or other peoples negative emotions is potentially harmful. The Golden orgonite deals swiftly and effectively with all forms of disturbed energy.

If you suffer from insomnia the orgonite pyramid is a must. EMF robs the body of the hormone Melatonin which is essential for sleep and for Cancer prevention.
The eals with EMF / Geopathic stress radiation within its bubble by transforming or harmonizing it before it reaches your body.

  • Looks like a stunning pyramid paperweight (works as one too!)
  • Is an unobtrusive 3 inches high (7cm).
  • Belts out energy that you can feel (makes for a great conversation starter but can freak some people out!)
  • Offers EMF protection to every person, animal and plant within 8 metres
  • Provides geopathic stress protection for every person, animal and plant within 8 metres
  • Proven to help and improve insomnia.
  • Uses a revolutionary technology discovered in the 1940’s by scientist Wilhelm Reich, a contemporary of Eintein’s)
  • Utilizes vortex & crystal technology along with sacred geometry
  • Has a very calming effect on any surroundings
  • Once placed needs no maintenance or consideration (perhaps a dust now and again)
  • Can be used for local pain relief

Remove EMF from your life today

For so many of us this is what it is like when we remove EMF from our lives (for the EMF sensitive the analogy would be more like molten tar than mud). Our solutions are unique, simple, affordable, and guaranteed.

This harmonized EMF radiation is no longer stressing to your body. A good analogy for this would be to imagine that our appliances are putting out a triangular wave and each sharp corner was pushing and stressing our bodies.
Negative energy has to be brought back to balance.
In the case of both people and places that negative, unbalanced energy has to be brought back to balance to allow people to be healed and places to be cleansed.

“When energy is out of balance so is the world”
Imagine living in a home that is relaxed, calm and happy. Imagine being in a home without all the negativity left by the previous occupants Imagine having harmonious relationships at home, work and socially. Imagine being well. Imagine being at peace with yourself and those around you?

“Impossible” You may say!
Not when you consider that all of these are the result of balanced energy.

Our Energy balancing solutions are unique because no one uses the same technology as used in our devices they are completely unique.

What our energy balancing devices will do for you:

  • Cleanse you energy field (aura) Balance your energy centers (chakras) Can Calm hyperactive kids Assists in harmony to any relationship/situation May be Emotionally calming
  • Can help lifting depression Can Protect you against other peoples negative energies May Clear houses/buildings/landof negative energy
  • Alleviate pain Assist in reaching a meditative state Protect against EMF

Our energy balancing devices are also:

  • Affordable
  • Simple
  • Maintenance free
  • Transportable
  • Require no electricity
  • User friendly
  • Will last a life time
  • Are beautifully crafted
  • They can be used anywhere at any time


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