Mapacho Amazonian Incense Shamans use it against negative entities

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Nicotiana rustica – Real Mapacho , commonly known as Aztec tobacco or strong tobacco is a rainforrest plant in the family Solanaceae. It is a very potent variety of tobacco, containing up to nine times more nicotine than common species of Nicotiana such as Nicotiana tabacum (common tobacco).More specifically, N. rustica leaves have a nicotine content as high as 9%, whereas N. tabacum leaves contain about 1 to 3%. The high concentration of nicotine in its leaves makes it useful for producing pesticides, and it has a wide variety of uses specific to cultures around the world. However, N. rustica is no longer cultivated in its native North America, as N. tabacum has replaced it.

Image 1 - 100 Units Mapacho Incense Artisanal (9cm) Medium SticksNicotiana rustica - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-226.jpg

Magical Powerful mapacho from Amazon Jungle All Shaman In Jungle are smoking Mapacho All the time. I am smoking it to paralyze demons and monsters inside people also paralyses the teeth of energy vampires and to protect myself as well I recommend everybody to get at least 10 You will get them quickly from me starting 18th June 2021

this product Mapacho has not been treated with any type of pesticide, herbicide, or any other harmful chemicals.
I remember a beautiful experience that was shared with me after an ceremony. A brother Matses told me that the mapacho spirit had talked with him,
“I saw a beautiful black woman crying. She introduced herself as the female energy of the mapacho spirit. She told him that she was so sad for what people are doing with her.
They are putting poison in my leaves and then people believe that I am making them sick. You must tell them this. The traditional way of using my power must be known and people should know the difference between a mapacho and the mapacho itself”
MAPACHO - A Whole New High3 Shamanic Energy Clearing Tips to Clear Your Space, Especially After Ayahuasca - EntheoNationPlant Medicine-Sacred Mapacho -
Note: this item Real Mapacho is shipped discreetly and is labeled incense or s. I am having loads of mapacho arriving shortly


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