Personal Freedom Course

Personal Freedom Course is a course developed and used by the many ancient esoteric traditional teachings. Discovering our true source of never drying inner happiness and love will bring us into a state of being happy with ourselves no matter what circumstancese we are in.

The course consists of 3 stages of 11 lessons.

Each stage takes 11 weeks

The course is running either at my residence or via e-mail                    

Starting with Freedom:

1. What is personal freedom?

2. What personal freedom means to you?

3. Where & Why did we loose our personal freedom?

4. Who gave us our personal freedom in the first place?

5. Who and What is the God?

6. Do not take anything in your life personally

7. Do not assume others do anything because of you

8. Say only what you think and feel is true. Say your truth with love.

9. Never do anything less than your best.

10. Prepare for cleaning of the old garbage.

Advanced Cleaning System

1. Say to your picture in the mirror ‘’I love you’’

2. Mapping the garbage you discovered in the mirror

3. Finding the sources of your pain – The judge & the victim

4. Understanding why the original wound still hurts

5. healing the wounds up to the original wound                                                
6. Protecting your emotional body from next wounds 

7. Letting freedom to be who we are to come to us

8. Learning to fly little death breathing

9. Making death your friend

10. Giving judge & victim to the death

Freedom Achievement Steps

1. Is the God really inside us or are we inside the God

2. Tracking the real origins of us

3. I am accepting myself as I am because I know who I am

4. Learning to live with own divinity / humanity

5. True birth of a Total Human Being

6. Seeing the world eyes can’t see.

7. Recognising your own creation

8. Meeting your true mother & father 

9. Creating your own Heaven on Earth

10. Making your destiny  happen 

To book your space in e-mail course send your contact detail and a brief description of yourself to my e-mail via contact us page  I will e-mail you all the details about the course.