Past Life Healing

Healing of a person’s past life problems is sometimes necessary in order to enable any other form of healing to take place. There are situations which do not have any explanation or any origin in this lifetime and yet they are largely affecting the life and health of the person. In order to understand what exactly past life healing brings to us, we need to realise and accept that we all had many or dozens of previous incarnations known better as past lives. We can do so and map our distant past. This will provide an opportunity to free our perception from being locked in the frame of one life that had a beginning and will come to an end. This limited perception will eventually cease to exist. It will be gradually replaced with the perception of one eternal life that takes many forms and incarnations in order to free self from the cycle of life and death and rebirth. In order to speed this process up we will start healing our past lives and the problems left in those lifetimes too.

         We do not do ”popular past life readings” What we do is perform a Healing of their Past life problems.


I discover during past life healing  through the divination and with the shamanic vision what are the problems in the previous lifetime(s) causing problems in this lifetime. I also guide the client to encounter the past life situation so the healing takes effect instantly.

This healing method is  safe and is  used only rarely when there is no other option left.

Treatment takes between 40 minutes up to 120 minutes  The past life healing is usually  £50 – £120  depending on your circumstances and on the combination with the other forms of healing    Thank you