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Hawk's House is one the longest established Shamanic Shops in the UK  We ship worldwide

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Products we offer range from Shamanic Music, Shamanic Music MP3 Downloads,  Shamanic Drums & Rattles, Shamanic Healing Plants, CBD Oils, Shamanic Oils, EMF Protection Products to Smudge sticks and variety of Sage for smudging and cleansing. We accept Paypal  Bank Transfer, Cheque  Low Prices on everything acceross the shop  and a Free Delivery on Everything over £150 and up to 1Kg within Uk

Shamanic Drumming Cds - Shamanic  Music 


Shamanic Drumming Music - MP3 Downloads

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 Shamanic Drums, Rattles & Ceremonial  Pipes

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Smudging & Cleansing

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Shamanic Oils
Organic Skincare
Shamanic Healing Plants