Brilliant EMF Protection Nu-Me Pendant Copper Pendant

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The Nu-Me protective pendant is unlike any other protective pendant on the market.No other protective pendant balances the personal energy system (chakra balancing and aura clearing) as well as protecting from all disturbed energy including EMF


The Nu-Me uses the same powerful energy-manipulative / harmonizing technology as the p.e.bal designed into a stunning range of pendants that are not merely functional but are hand made (in New Zealand) pieces of jewelry that look good on both men and women. For those that don\’t wear jewelry there is the Nu-Me clip.

The Nu-Me is available in 6 different standard versions,in two sizes, regular (3.5cm dia. or 1.38″) and compact (2.5cm dia. or 1″),and two finishes silver and copper. The Nu-Me clip-on, available in regular size silver. All the silver Nu-Me protective pendants have Swarovski crystals set in the face.The Nu-Me when Worn around the neck or clipped to your belt / bra (the Nu-Me Clip-On) is balancing your chakras, clearing your aura,and allows your immune system to work efficiently to heal or keep you well.It also protects you from any unbalanced energy including EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields).

This pendant measures 3.5cm (1.5″) across for the regular size and 2.5cm (1″) for the compact version.. The Nu-Me Pendant not only protects from electro-magnetic pollution, it:
  • Is a stunning, easy to wear EMF protective pendant.
  • Offers great choice of 2 sizes in both copper and silver finish.
  • Balances the energy centers of the body (chakras).
  • Reduces stress and is calming emotionally.
  • Promotes restful sleep.
  • Energizes.
  • Assists mental alertness / learning abilities.
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes wellness.
The Nu-Me Pendant comes with a free rubber fashion cord.
“Thank so much for making the Nu-Me pendant very affordable to me. It really works giving feeling of calmness, clarity of mind, sound sleep and more energy. Furthermore, it looks very nice and have been getting good compliment from my friends.” Romulo, Delano-USA

Life Energy Testing
The Nu-Me has been extensively tested Click-Here-Button-psd50511see here..

For Nu-Me Silver pendant ClickClick-Here-Button-psd50511 here


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