Mind Body & Spirit Fair Mansfield 2018

Hello everybody in Mansfield from Robert Hawk   Drumming on Saturday Morning  Healing power of legal Cannabis CBD Oil on Saturday midday


8 page event programme, giving details of talks & workshops is available now to download from http://www.northstarcrystals.net/PBFilePlayer.asp?ID=1912390

I have been asked by Eric to drum on Saturday morning from 10.30 till 12.00 I am really honored as I have been teaching drumming for more than a decade. I have recorded 2 beautiful drumming Cds that are available to buy here https://www.hawkshouse.co.uk/online-shop/shamanic-music-cds.html or in downloads https://www.hawkshouse.co.uk/downloads.html

I will bring at least 5 trained healing people with me for drumming and plenty of rattles and hopefully at least 5 drums to share. Feel free to bring your own drum and other instruments like rattles, rainstick etc.
We will drum a simple drumming to synchronize everybody followed by short discussion. Second drumming session will be also simple and focused on more playing techniques and tricks to make more sounds from the drum. after this we will discus again and go a really long drumming session for all techniques to create beautiful synchronized drumming music. This will create a jungle like sound. The last drumming will by us from Shamanic healing center for everyone to wash is drumming healing energy coming in waves to the audience Drumming Cds will be available during drumming or after at Wild Katt Lawrence stall for sale

To have a look at how beautiful drumming session was back in 2016 look at this video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGEyesO57RI

If you want see how to take care of your drum look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DVNx2itJR0&t=166s

I will be talking about Incredible health benefits of legal Cannabis Oil – CBD Oil   Cannabis CBD Oil or CBD, short for cannabidiol, is yet another of the amazing nutrient compounds found in the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Hemp is a source of nutrients unlike any other with an oil containing all the families of essential fatty acids, a protein with all the amino acids humans require, and now CBD is set to join this list with its own with amazing health promoting properties.

8 Proven Benefits of CBD – Source Google