Shamanic Drumming and Meditation Class

Shamanic Drumming & Meditation Class is every day in the Nature and Saturday from 2PM it also can be by the Fire

Shamanic journey allows us to meet our Spirit Guides, either animal, human or another spirit guides. We practice shamanic journeying in order to learn hidden knowledge and to facilitate self-transformation, and personal empowerment. Students will explore the cosmology of the shamanic reality, known as the Upper, Lower, and Middle world.. Every shamanic evening you can connect with your guides and work with them

Meditation is a natural way of restoring flow of energy inside the Whole Human being . I have been practicing various forms of meditations for more than 10 years I have learned various Buddhist meditative techniques, Chinese Qi Gong meditative techniques, Pre-Egyptian Atlantean and Lemurian Meditation, MerKaBah meditation and a huge variety of Shamanic Meditations

Mediation helps to dissolve stress, tension, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, lack of trust and other problems and turn them into joy and happiness. Results can be instant and constant. Many forms of sudden healing and improvements have been experienced in last 10 years just during 2 hours of meditation and journeying.

Shamanic and Meditation evening is every Wednesday from 7pm £10 pp

I run Meditation class in my residence in Heanor, Derbyshire, Amber Valley, close to Derby and to Nottingham, East Midlands, England, every day anytime in daytime There is no program to join, people can come any Wednesday they like and they keep coming until they learn and master how to meditate on their own.

shamanimeditationcd2.pngMy Shamanic Meditation CD contains guided introduction to 4 different Meditations.
1. Relaxing meditation – Very simple yet extremelly effective meditation
2. Little Death Breathing Exercise – Fastest way to shut the chattering mind and into the trance
3. MerKaBah – Life Force generating meditation – Activation of Spirit Mind LightBody vehicle
4- Aura Cleansing Meditation – Powerful meditation for regular cleanse of your Aura

All of my Cds are sold on Amazon and they are much cheaper on my website. Happy Awakening

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