Life Energy Testing

Testing of Life Protection technology

We are fortunate enough that so many of our products are now out there working and that their owners are keen to let us know how well. We appreciate, however, that many people like to see “scientific” test results before considering new technology.

When you are involved with cutting edge technology, you need cutting edge technology to test it. The easiest way to see the benefits on the body is to use bio-feedback machines to monitor the state of the body whilst being exposed to our products.

We were recently fated to meet Dr. Thornton Streeter of the Centre for Biofield Sciences in Pune, India. This facility has all the most advanced bio-feedback technology available on the planet at this time – combined with an expert team of doctors specializing in their use.

Dr. Streeter was initially impressed enough with our products to offer us the full use of his facilities and human resources to test both the Nu-Me pendant and the p.e.bal.

We have received the Nu-Me test results back and they are better than even we could have hoped for. For those with the time and inclination to read the full report it is available here.

For those that want a quick snapshot, I will summarize below:



  1. To determine the effect of nu me pendant over human biofield.
  2. To determine the efficacy of nu me pendant in balancing the chakras/ energy centers.


Time period:

April-May 2009.

Test equipment:

The following five established devices were chosen to be used for the
comparison between before and after scans.


25 subjects were randomly chosen aged between 21-70 years of both sexes. 20 were in the experimental group and 5 in a control group wearing a “dummy” pendant. The test was single blind, meaning that only the doctors knew who was wearing what. The total
consultation lasted one hour. Initial scans were performed by the relevant experts in the respective equipment. The pendants / dummy pendants were worn for 15 minutes and then the scans were repeated.


  • PIP scans showed very positive changes in 19 participants out of 20
  • One of these 20 scans showed negative changes.
  • The results of the GDV, EIS, and ESM were in correlation with PIP
  • Chakra temeratures didn’t show any significant negative or positive changes.


Conclusion (verbatim from report):

  • It seems crystal clear that the nu me pendant has a profound positive effect on individuals.
  • In addition to the analysis part of the data, during experiments changes witnessed in the biofield were unusually strong and positive.
  • Maximum changes were seen in brow, crown and solar chakra along with significant positive change in biofield.
  • After use of nu me pendant calming frequencies like blue were seen predominantly in the field. It had also increased the vibrancy of chakras reduced the stress pattern seen on face in form of pooled red energy.
  • Predominance of green and violet was seen to increase with prolonged use of nu me pendant.
  • Blocked chakras especially brow and solar showed opening up. Red congested energy was replaced by green or violet healing energy.
  • Positive effects are also seen over lung fields in some of the cases.
  • From this research we can conclude that nu me pendant is a very effective mode of
    balancing the chakras/ energy centers and also the biofield.



    Analysis: Low energy in the bio field in form of pink and orange is replaced by calming blue and green colors which is a significant positive shift. Pooling of energy over chest, solar chakra and back of head also have reduced.


    Analysis: Distorted emission is seen from crown chakra which appears to be settled after use of nu me pendant. Leaks at levels of heart and solar are replenished with reappearance of energy at level of legs bilaterally




    If you want to see more click here for the full report.

    Aura Video Station Testing

    Other available equipment to show this visually is the Aura Video Station. This amazing equipment shows what is happening to the body energetically (the bio-field or aura). It illustrates the fact that most people’s energy is out of balance and the devastating effect of EMF on our systems.

    The following test shows 3 aura images of our subject who is male and 32 years of age: 1) base image 2) under EMF stress from a live cell phone (no call in progress) 3) wearing the Nu-Me pendant and still holding the live cell phone.

    1) BASE. This shows a stable image representing our subject in a relaxed state. It shows the predominant (personality)colours to be yellow/green and that the energy centres (chakras) – represented by the coloured circles up the body to be out of balance (not regular in size). When these are small they represent an underactive center and when large, overactive.

    2) CELL PHONE INTRODUCED. This phone is on and being held in the subject’s hand. There is no call in progress. This image is not a true representation of what happened in that the aura went into chaos and did not stabilise. It shocks me to think that people are carrying around cell phones all the time without any protection and so experiencing the same energetic chaos in their bio-fields all day.

    3) Wearing Nu-Me. This picture shows our subject now wearing a Nu-Me pendant 75 seconds after putting it on. See how the aura is completely clear and uniform with the energy centers in an advanced state of balance. The live cell phone is still in his hand!

    Watch a short video of the above test.

    Biofeedback (QXCI/ SCIO) Test Results

    This machine was invented by ex NASA scientist Bill Nelson.The Scio biofeedback / treatment machine is capable of energetically scanning any device to test it’s effect on the human body. The following represents a table of results for the Nu-Me pendant working against EMF pollution in the various frequency bands. The first column of numbers are simply for sequential reference. The second column represents the level of effectiveness. 85 is considered a significant result.

    The Nu-Me Pendant / Inanimate Object / I

    NO. ConscidaNo Name
    0 0 ——– INFO ———
    1 0 The Nu-Me Pendant / Inanimate Object / I
    32 162 = Cosmos ELF below 1 hz
    33 134 = Neutrino
    34 188 = EELF
    35 159 = ELF
    36 126 = 50 hz
    37 121 = 60 hz
    38 111 = Power tools
    39 128 = 70 – 500 hz
    40 125 = 501 – 1000hz
    41 101 = 1001 – 1500hz
    42 150 = 1501 – 2500hz
    43 148 = 2501 – 3500hz
    44 128 = 3501 – 4500
    45 141 = 4501 – 5555
    46 152 = 5556 – 7500
    47 128 = 7001 – 10,000hz
    48 147 = 10K – 100K
    49 146 = 101K – 1Meghz
    50 137 = 1Meghz – 100Meghz
    51 153 = 101Meghz – 500Meghz
    52 130 = 500Meghz – 1Giga hz
    53 162 = Giga hz range
    54 162 = Xray
    55 191 = Gamma Ray
    56 166 = Alpha, Beta
    57 191 = Mobile Telephone Radiations would repeat pulling the energy throu

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