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Massive transformation everywhere so Shamanic Helaing Course lot Cheaper and healing lot faster and lot more effectiveShamanic Meditation Evening by the Fire Time to go within starts.

I would like to everybody know that my home and website is going through massive transfortion, After my webiste was almost destroyed by 1and1 and dark forced, but they did not win at all. This massive transformation  changes the way I deliver healing and I deliver Shamanic healing course and All other workshops  All courses will go faster and all healing will be far my efficient for you, than  ever before. Contact me or  01773716720 or 07533365999 to book youself for amazing  2 hour Sound bath which will heal you a lot for only £120 or for a Day with Shaman for only £180 which will heal you completely Visit my facebook page  to see example of a super strong healing sounds which remove negative energy from you and ballance you too very quickly work aas fast as possible to have new website  fully working and downloads for healing sounds and healing meditation asap for only £15 . If you need my healp  any a meantime please contact me asap for visiting my in my Hawkshouse property or I will visit you in your house. With Love and and smile Robert Adam Free Flying Hawk from a New World Emerging very soon Also contact me for any products from my Shamanic Shop which does nowt work perfeclty now or  01773716720 or 07533365999

for EMF protections producs Shamanic CDS
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All images and old links do not work so please I apologise to everybody. Next newsletter will go from new website and it will work perfeclty. So anything you need from me contact me via email or by phone. Payments taken by paypal or by bank transferral 
In a meantime a free gifty to all those who need help – Listen to this music to help yourself  Samaya Shamanic Elixir Helaing Music  

Deep Introduction to Shamanism Workshop  24th – 25th November 2018
I would like to invite you  to this workshop so you can find what it means to be initiated  to Shamanism, Discover Shamanic Cosmos, Lower World, Middle World and Upper. Meet your Guides, Power animals, Beings  from Celestial Worlds, Plant Kingdom, inter-dimensional portals, inter-galactic stargate and altered states of Consciousness. Time and Space Traveling and much more during this  popular and extraordinary 2 in 1 shamanic weekend  which will guarantee you a better position on Shamanic Healing Course This workshop is only £180   Booking form available here fo download 

Shamanic Healing & Personal Freedom Courses 
You can join this course Until End of December

Monthly course Starts 20th Januray 2019   4 spaces left Now lot cheaper than ever before only £1500 in monthly installments
I invite you to join this course  and learn to become a Shamanic Healer. During shamanic training in coming months you will more or less master journeying inside of linear time and 3D space and outside of time and space as well. You will heal yourself and know how to heal others with Soul retrieval, Extraction Medicine & Psychic Surgery and more

This Course Covers the Whole Medicine Wheel       
Shamanic healing methods is one part of the course   Gradual Development of your Spiritual Awareness in another part Personal freedom – Freedom for your mind is the last part of the course.  Personal Freedom Course is included in Shamanic healing Course.  Throughout the whole course you will be working on freeing your mind, so you will become free to be able to think what you want to think and free to be who you were meant to be.  
Shamanic Healing and Personal Freedom 2018-2019 Course starts 20th January 2019 – All course dates available online
Online Shamanic Healing Course starts each month on 7th Day – spaces are unlimited  Robert You can join anytime and undertake shamanic healing training from your home. This course is for people from far away, from other countries or for people who can’t travel. Now you can study Shamanic healing from your own home with my  support by email   and  by Skype. This course content is almost the same as regular Shamanic Healing & Personal Freedom Course.This course is £850 cheaper compared to the regular course.Booking form available here fo download  

Shamanic healing helps with many conditions – Book yourself a day with a Shaman 

 II will scan your Energy Field or your Aura.  I will present you with the healing options available to you just after the scan  They are Soul retrieval, Psychic Surgery, Entity Removal, Etheric Healing, Past Life Healing and Pre-Birth healing.  If it was absolutely necessary healing of the future can be discussed as well. I will carry the most important parts of healing for you on the very day. We will have a rich vegetarian lunch accompanied by a range of organic teas and coffees. You will drink plenty of spring water that I collect myself from Birchover spring. I will teach you basics of shamanic journeying. All this for £180

  News from Shamanic Shop  All prices are lower than ever before   

Radisafe – best EMF protection for mobile phone

Only £10

Radisafe is best and non expensive EMF Protection or EMF protector for the mobile phone. Cell phones emit high levels of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation directly into you head and it  has been scientifically proven that this can sometimes cause cancer of the brain.Radisafe is best and non expensive EMF Protection or EMF protector for the mobile phone. Cell phones  emit high levels of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation directly into you head and it has been scientifically proven that this can sometimes cause cancer of the brain.Only £10

Cat’s Claw Uncaria Tomentosa  is one of 5 most powerful healing plants on this planet We sell any quantity starting at 100g of pure high quality Cat’s Claw.

This Cats Claw is produced in Peru and its latin name is Uncaria Tomentosa.
Cat’s Claw is known in medical world  that it reduces pain 
and that it makes strong immune system within a space of few weeks or maximum of 3 months

Comfortable non expensive on site accomodation for up to 5 people is available – £30 per person per night. All you need is a sleeping bag or duvet, and a pillow. The rest is provided

Best possible prices are always available from our Shamanic Shop Free Delivery on everything in Shamanic Shop over £100

MP3 Downloads: any drumming and meditation track + access it anytime anywhere for 2 months

Low prices on Smudging and Cleansing All sage and smugesticks are from California

Shamanic healing herbs  
for a strong immune system, healthy blood and a pain reduction  Cheapest in the UK.


High Quality Orgonite Pyramids EMF Protection products

For Genuine Real and Amazing Radisafe

 Waiting for the Divine intervention to solve our problems is the same as hoping to win a jackpot 6 times in a row. 

 Low prices across the board guaranteed

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