Journey through the Portals and Stargate in the UK

Journey through the Portals and Stargates

This brand New workshop has been designed after dozens of people requested to learn advanced form of astral travelling and journeying instead of going on the whole Shamanic healing Course. This weekend workshop will enable you to learn following skills:

Portals and Stargates – There is many portals in different locations on this planet. Portal is a place where the energetics locks separating realities and dimensions are not present or aree actually weakened. This allows skilled galactic or intergalactic traveller to pass through the portal into a different part of the galaxy, into different part of this Universe or into a different dimension.

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Shamanic Journeying A word shaman originates from Siberian Saman – Someone who knows Shaman is also a ‘Master of Ecstasy’ The word ecstasy comes from the Greek – ex-stasis – meaning outside the limited, narrow state we call ‘normal’ 3D waking reality. Shaman is also somebody who walks grounded with one leg in this world and grounded with another leg in the other world. Students will learn the art of the shamanic journey is one of the most effective and meaningful visionary methods of gaining hidden knowledge and wisdom. During A Shamanic journey the student will meet their own Spirit Guides, either animal, Human or another realm spirit guide in order to learn hidden knowledge and to facilitate self-transformation, and personal empowerment. Students will explore the cosmology of the shamanic reality, known as the Upper, Lower, and Middle worlds.

This 2 Day Weekend workshop will bring you rather Full Understanding of what Shamanic reality is like. You will learn to journey thorugh the portals and stargates. You will see how simple it actually is . We will know what the Etheric Self or Etheric Double is, we will know where it is and where to look for it too.You will learn how to use Etheric Double for the astral travelling

We will know how to use the Etheric Self and how to use Etheric Vitality during most forms of healing.

We shall extensively explore further possibilities of Living, working and healing with Etheric Double.

This is a weekend workshop which will cover all above and includes advanced shamanic journeying.

Journey through the Portals and Stargates 2 in 1 Workshop

29th to 31th May 2021

Workshop starts on Saturday 10AM and ends on Sunday on or before 5PM

Journey through the portals and stargates
2 in 1 Workshop is only £180
including fabulous range of organic herbal and fruit teas +organic and real coffees

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