Healing of Your Lovely Animals with Shamanic healing

This healing method is used for any animal suffering in this world and I can heal them fully with my magical healing power in your house by visit in my magical house by your visit or over distance and over the phone

I can remove pain, illness and saved your animals life Look into my guestbook https://www.hawkshouse.co.uk/guestbook.html to see it for yourself I am including latest entry about healing of the Cat which Vets wanted to put to eternal sleep by injection and I saved cats life completely. Vets confirmed that Cat is healthy and has no infection.
Look at this entry in my guestbook Michelle from Lincolnshire wrote on September 2, 2020 at 4:03 pm: My loovely cat Maple was off her food and generally unwell. Vets could not do anything apart from putting her to eternal sleep. Robert did soul retrieval, entity removal and gave her some healing. She now has her appetite back and is out in the garden happy and well again. Many thanks Robert. Admin Reply by: Wizzard You are welcome Michelle, I am happy your cat is alive and happy too. I can help anybody including animals quite easily and fully

Healing of your lovely animal takes between 1-3 hours so it will be £60 to £180 if you want to pay more you are more than welcome