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Quick and simple guide  - how to restore your energy levels

In case your energy has been drained and you feel like having no energy or a substantial lack of energy go to the nearest nature and find the tree you can sit with. Place your back towards the tree and lean on it. Ask the tree to take your pain and your tiredness away. You may start feeling something leaving you. After a while ask the tree to fill you with energy, so you can be whole again. You are likely to feel energy filling you and after a while you can go back home or continue being in the nature. The most important part is when you go to sleep. Visualize and intend to sleep under the roots of the great tree, (this could be the tree you spent time with or any other great tree ) your body is surrounded by the rich soil, the root system and the rock. Thus you are completely protected during your sleep. Its very likely you will wake up refreshed and happy.  Feel free to try or ask any question you like

Tips on Simple and effective protection against psychic vampires

Don't let them to stare into your eyes, if you feel the person talking to you stares at you and your energy starts leaving, immediately interrupt  eye contact and turn your gaze away at all cost. The best is to walk away.

In case  you have a good skill and a lot of energetic confidence you can create little invisible energetic mirrors and position them in front of your eyes  so the energy vampire will be draining their own energy. Do this only if you confident enough that you can do that without a seed of the doubt. If you were to doubt yourself do not even think of trying, just interrupt the eye contact and walk away, otherwise you more than likely going to get drained.

More to follow