Examples of the journeys

Saturday 26th April 2008

Journey To Personal Eden

I went down the cave with Jaguar, took me to my boat on lake, we went to the Island with Cottage surrounded by beautiful pink flower and all different types of animals, all my friends. The air smells of roses, I eneter cottage and change into buckskin dress, then go to the small bridge, only Jaguar and Me are allowed to cross. Soon we are in the woods and hear the drum beat resonating in the air, go to the clearing and meet the Elders. We feast, dance and swap joy and wisdom around fire and we smoke the pipe. This takes ages. Pure beauty. Then I return to the island where animals are waiting in my Paradise. This is my Sanctuary, my Garden of Eden where I can come anytime I need healing and nourishment.

Janet Rose

I spiralled through the soil in a field down and down, came to an Earth Cave. I walked out again into daylight and the Summer Landscape. It was very gren, lots of trees. I looked up into the blue sunny sky. When I heard the calls of the Eagle, I stretched my arm. The Eagle landed on my arm, I could feel the weight of the eagle and the grip of the talons on my arm. I asked Could Eagle take me to My Personal Eden, The Eagle said follow me. I found myself changing in an Eagle and I felt all the bird feels. It feels the elements, the wind, each air current in my wings, could feel the tail feathers moving and helpiing to stearm me. I felt the tail phuysically. Really wierd. We flew to a mountain landscape, there was a big lake, sandwitched between the mountains. I saw beautiful bear moorlands and big snowy mountains. I flew to a rocky outcrop on the side of the mountain to view everything around. I could see for miles wooded hills and lowlands. I flew again with the eagle, suddenly there appeared a spiral caves, right in the middle of The Sky, went down down down and came out into a wooded landscape. The eagle told me that this was a higher place even though we have gone down. We flew around surveying all the woods and slow running river. We went into another cave systems and flew back to the mountains and flew beyond the mountains and came into a big black void, then I turned back and finished my journey.

Glenn Abson

When I reached the bottom of the tree trunk I was aware of the darkness that surrounded me and adjusted myself to the Lower World. As I turned around, I was welcomed by the spirits of my Dad and Nana and we shared a loving hug. I told them I had come to find my own personal eden and they told me to find my spirit guide. I then became aware of a snake at my feet who told me he would help me if I was ready, I then immediately replied that I was. The snake then began curling his body around mine and licking my face, then my whole head and the rest of my body. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was preparing me in a cocoon of skin so I could be re-born. I was not afraid but relaxed so I let him continue whilst I lay on the floor. I became completely mummified and I was aware that my horse was near. I felt warm and happy as the sun shone beautifully in the sky. I could hear the beat of the drum and as it resonated within my body, I felt the horse tapping my feet with its hooves to the beat and the cocoon cracked open. The snake then used its mouth to release me from the hard shell and stood me up and told me to get on the horse. I then thanked the snake for its help in my re-birthing and climbed onto the horse.
As I galloped on the horse, I asked it to take me to my spirit guide. We rode toward the light upwards and upwards toward the waterfall and the darkness fell away. My horse transformed itself into a powerful pegasus and we flew up higher and higher until we reached an island surrounded by sea. The sky was brilliant blue and very bright and sunny. I saw a large house with grass and within the grounds there was a jungle with all kinds of animals, insects and plants that were lush green. My spirit guide was there waiting for me when we landed and we shared greetings of love and hope and happiness. We then started to dance around a bonfire laughing and having fun. I felt very secure by the sea and warm as I rested on the grass. It was very tranquil and energizing at the same time.
My spirit guide then pulled me up by my hands and we started to fly through the air up towards a mountain and I felt so free it was amazing. As we arrived at the top of the mountain I noticed a cave where an old witch was, she invited us in and told me her name and who she was related to. She then let a drop of liquid land on my head and handed me a small bottle and told me it was for protection and told me to drink lots of water to heal myself.
The drum beat changed which was a signal that it was time to leave so I thanked the witch and had a feeling of being aligned with the beat of the earth. I felt the drum beat resounding through my body especially my feet. My personal Eden is my sacred place where I can go to at will for love, refreshment and healing. I felt emotional and a bit shaky on my return and I gave thanks to all the animals and guides who had me helped me appreciate the wonderful serenity within myself.


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