EMF Protection tools -  nourishing & protecting  your energy field from EMF.

EMF Protection Products

EMF Protection Pyramid Golden Orgonite Energy Balancing Pyramid

The orgonite pyramid generates a protective energy ...

Sales price: £40.00

Radisafe Phone Anti-radiaton Chip

Radisafe is best and non expensive EMF Protection or EMF ...

Sales price: £16.00

EMF Protection Nu-Me Silver Pendant

Nu-Me Emf Protection Pendant Silver

Sales price: £145.00
Discount: £-39.25

Nu Me Skinny Square Silver Pendant Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Nu-Me Skinny Square Retail Price $249 ...

Sales price: £100.00
Discount: £-84.25

EMF Protection Nu-Me Pendant Copper Pendant

The Nu-Me protective pendant is unlike any other protective ...

Sales price: £120.00
Discount: £-26.67

EMF Protection Nano Healing Wand with Scalar Waves

The Life Energy Nano Wand is not so different. It may not ...

Sales price: £75.00
Discount: £-20.08

Credit Card Protector - Theft Blocker Buy 3 get 4

Credit Card Protector - Blocker Takes up to 2 credit cards ...

Sales price: £3.50
Discount: £-1.50