Original Divine DNA / Lightbody Activation in the UK

Original Divine DNA / Lightbody Activation Workshop which will make you as fast as light

Join this magical DNA Activation workshop where you will find urprising answers for the most of your problems. We have been conditioned by the science and by the society that we have DNA which has 2 helixes or strands and the rest of 95% is classed as junk DNA.
During the workshop you will explore and implement all 13 helixes of your Original Divine DNA which was altered to keep humanity in a state of paralysis where we see ourselves as living inside our mortal bodies and we are made to believe that we are those mortal bodies.
Now more and more people are searching for the best solution to seemingly unsolvable problems. Activating your Lighbody and reconnecting your Original DNA will enhance your view and expand your consciousness to the extend that you can handle.
DNA & Lightbody Activation workshop will cover
– Explanation of original DNA and how it has been altered to the current DNA.
– Exploration of the Lighbody and of other bodies
– Exploration of the MerKaBah and its relation to Lightbody
– How is Universe created and what is reality
– Who is the Creator?
– Activation of all 13 helixes of Original Divine DNA
– Activation of the Lightbody
– Exploring further options
What you will learn will give you tools with which you can turn of the aging program, the disease program, the ex program and many other programs.
You will be given tools for mastering your own creation inside this Universe of Free Will.
This afternoon workshop takes 4-5 hours The date in 2021 are 24th June, 8th July, 22nd July 2021, 5th August, 19th August and 2nd September 2021 , £50 thank you Suitable number of participants is 4 – 8 We can do it Nature or in my lovely garden on wooden platform

£50 thank you. Suitable number of participants is 4-8

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