Tibetan Reiki is very powerful, effective yet  gentle and relaxing and energising healing method
I use Weichi Tibetan Reiki  Japanese Traditional Usui Reiki, Egyptian Seichim Reiki and mainly Shamanic Reiki to heal emotional and energetic imbalances in your soul that are already there now or later as physical Illness of the body. This process re-opens the natural flow of your own life force. And works very well alone and together with shamanic healing methods. I have 5 years of experience with all forms of Reiki and I am Reiki Teacher and Master
Reiki is the most popular form of energetic healing. The word reiki comes from Japan
Rei - means Universal Life Force, the energy or light of the Universe and of The Creator
Ki - means local floating Life Force known as an energetic field of the Living Being
Connecting the Rei and Ki gives Reiki - joining local life force of the living being with The Life Force of the Universe, with The Life Force of the Creator. By doing so healing of energetic blockages manifesting as Illness usually happens
Reiki Treatment takes 45-75 minutes
The cost of any form of Reiki is between £30 and £45, depending on your circumstnces and time spent.  Thank you