All Reiki Light – get connected fully to All ReikiLight

Have you ever felt that something was missing in the Reiki system we have today?

All Reiki Light – get connected to All reiki Light beyond Karuna, Seichem, Usui reiki and other Reiki systems
When I was to be attuned to Reiki level 1 in Febraury 2003 in south England on Saturday I arrived on Friday afternoon and went to a local  B&B. I fell asleep at 10pm to be fresh for 9.30am start of attunement to Reiki Level 1 – Usui Reiki.  I woke up at 3am and  I saw  A wonderfully Shining Tibetan Monk Sitting by small table near my bed.


I had tears in my eyes, tears of joy feeling his love and light. He said the whole Reiki in this world has been mis-understood  almost completely.  He said he created All Reiki Light  5000 years ago in Tibet. He also said that  the most mis-understood part are so called Reiki Symbols. ”I created symbols to help Reiki practitioner to help focus on healing process instead of thinking what his wife will prepare  for dinner tonight. Nothing else ”

I asked What about Reiki Attunment through the sequence of symbols.  He asked me to open my hands. Through the ceiling a Powerful Violet flame came and landed in my right palm. Through the window  a Beautiful White Lady of the light  came and landed in my left palm.  Wei Chi Looked at me Now you connected to All Reiki Light. My body and my energy were boiling and glowing  and I had waterfalls of tears running through my eyes to cool me down.

”Reiki connection is done  by Reiki guides , not by sequences of symbols” He added  Now you can go and Teach Reiki. I asked how but the was in my hands.. Both White Lady of the Light and Violet Flame were  whispering down worry we tell you where to put  your hands with us in them.  he added ”Please promise, you will not produce more so called Reiki Masters. I promised and later on my journey I had to heal dozen of so called  reiki masters. You could summerise them  by statement I am reiki master and I am pretty messed up

Next day I went to be ”attuned to Western Reiki”  Reiki Master started and  said this is weird. I asked what is weird? She said you do not need to be attuned, you are already Reiki Grand Master. I looked at the table and there was a book.  Wei Chi Lost steps in reiki.  She looked too and asked me if I brought the book. I replied no and wanted  buy it for £2 donation. She said book is yours   After the Saturday session I donated £2 to a local woman standing on the corner and playing flute.  I stayed whole weekend and enjoyed reading whole Book and I learned to use intuition and to empower the client instead of topping them up with a £30 worth of Reiki like if the client was a car running low on petrol and I was a petrol station where client can pop in for a little top up

I always was helping clients to empower themselves and to become free and independent and sovereign shining people instead of making them depending on ”Reiki top up petrol station”

Call me on 07907330687 or 01773716720 or  email me or to get connected to all Reiki light far beyond all systems of Reiki. It does not have to be complicated it is just simple It takes only an 1 hour of preparation and 1 hour of connecting and 1 hour of practicing so 3 hours to become another Reiki Teacher in the world os so called Reiki Masters. All this for £180 in cash of by bank transferral

Did you ever feel as though there was something more to Reiki than what you were taught? You aren’t alone. and solution is here, just contact me and read my guestbook

Key difference which All reiki Light brings  * Helping people to discover what their imbalances are.  * Accepting responsibility for those imbalances. * Participating in one’s own healing.* Become energy efficient and not needing weekly top up