35357_1459437959237_1032044136_1347366_6921103_n.jpgMy name is Robert Hawk, I live and work as Shaman, Healer, Teacher and Guide. I am also Artist and meditation teacher. I am providing my clients with variety of Shamanic healing methods and I teach Shamanic healing and Personal Freedom systems. I have started my spiritual journey over 50 years ago. I spend first 30 years of my life with growing up in non free world and fighting for freedom. When the oppressive regime was destroyed I started to work in sales. Alternative things, mystical and magical area was always my main interest. I was fascinated by that and I believed I can’t do it. I believed i will never be able to do something incredible . When I returned to England 18 years ago I all of the sudden started doing all these things I could not do before. I learned to heal with Reiki and about Aura Soma and Astrology, I started to learn about shamanism in late 2003 without knowing I was learning shamanism. Back In 2005 i decided this must take me somewhere I was only dreaming about before. Now I heal people and I love teaching other human beings how to heal so the whole Planet and all inhabitants could be healed and become Free to be Who We Really Are To find out more about my interests and the work I do with other lightworkers visit: http://lightworkers.org/flying-hawk To visit my youtube shamanic chanell click the following link http://www.youtube.com/user/freeflyinghawk to contact me call 07907330687 or 01773716720 and leave a message

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