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During your Special Day with a Shaman you will receive following.
A warm Welcome in my sacred healing space around 10AM

Initial brief discussion about your situation.

I do not need to know your medical history, leave this for your doctor or nurse.

Scan of your Energy Field or your Aura.

This is a very gentle and relaxing method helping me to find out more about your energy field, about the state of your chakras, about traumatic events from your past, about intrusions, blockages and entities. I will also know how much of energy you have in your disposal.

I will present you with the healing options available to you just after the scan

They are Soul retrieval, Psychic Surgery, Entity Removal, Etheric Healing, Past Life Healing and Pre-Birth healing. If it was absolutely necessary healing of the future can be discussed as well.

I will carry the most important parts of healing for you on the very day.

We will have a rich vegetarian lunch accompanied by a range of organic teas and coffees. You will drink plenty of spring water that I collect myself from Birchover spring.

I will teach you basics of shamanic journeying and I will introduce you to shamanic Cosmos. Meditation is also included in your Day with a shaman.

Your Day of change is only £230 instead of £280 If you want to pay 10 times more you are welcome. If you can pay 100 times more you are super welcome

I will present you a variety of shamanic healing products
More healing will be done in the afternoon

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All Shamanic Courses, Shamanic Classes, & Workshops, Shamanic Healing are provided in my residence in Heanor, Hawkshouse, close to Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, Leeds, London, based in England, United Kingdom, Europe, Planet Earth, Solar System and Milkey Way