Shamanic Drumming Group starts at Hawkshouse

Have you been drawn to shamanic drumming?
Do you hear shamanic music while you meditating or journeying?
This group is being created to help to bring like minded people together 

You will learn to connect  fullywith your drum.
Connect with the spirit of the animal the drum is made of.
This might be the deer, the horse, the elk or the goat

I will guide you to make it your drumming guide and teacher

I have been drumming since 2006. My drumming Cds are  well known and available to everybody

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We drum  each month on 3rd Thursday starting from 2PM till 4PM ish
First date is 19th April and 17th May. 
The drums are available to buy

We perform Shamanic drumming, Create Shamanic music and experience  beauty of the Shamanic World.
Space for up to 8 Participants.
From simple to advanced forms of shamanic drumming. Only £7 per session.
Drumming CDs link to the shop