Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Tools or Shamanic Medicine is an Ancient healing system originating from Atlantis, Lemuria and Pangaia . It is an integral part of Shamanic Way of Life. Shaman travels outside of time and space to heal the past wounds and to bring the lost life force back for a suffering client

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Soul retrieval                    Psychic Surgery             Entity Removal   

 Pre Birth Healing Journey        Past Life Healing         Healing with the Drum     

 Shamanic Core Processing        


Soul retrieval, Psychic Surgery, Entity removal, Past Life Healing, Healing the Future healing with Plants With the Sound  healing with the Nature and more..

Healing the dis-ease of the body with Shamanic Healing is a very effective healing method used by the greatest human healers / shamans to heal at least many and almost any physical or emotional illnesses without a need to use artificial chemical drugs.

It is as important to heal the wounded soul as the physical body. This is because our souls contain our bodies. When the soul is being healed, the body is healed as well.

The feeling of having a wounded soul is very common among all of us. This is caused by the  life force lost in the past which is now missing. The Soul is made by our life force.

How to Heal The Wounded Soul, Wounded Mind and Wounded Body?

I use thousands years  old Shamanic healing methods included in Shamanic Medicine:

Soul retrieval                    Psychic Surgery             Depossesion - Entity Removal   

Pre Birth Healing Journey        Past Life Healing         Healing with the Drum     

Shamanic Core Processing