2017- Phoenix Rises

2017 is a Year of The Phoenix – Rising from the ashes of the old 2016

Phoenix can be seen in sky circling around the planet and collecting all of the experience, all the pain, all the problems, desires and fears of everyone’s lives. It then lands on the fire stone where it is turned into ashes. After a little while the ashes become colder and the gentle breeze blows them away. Out of the state of nothing the new heart of the phoenix rises and starts another cycle. Happy awakening in 2017

Let the unknown become known . Let the unseen become visible. Let our hearts are lit by the fire of eternal love. Let our spirit rises high and walks freely in this world as it walks freely in higher worlds Let the multi dimensional wisdom of  the Phoenix descends upon you like the stardust  Let we all wake up lot more  or even fully in 2017   

We will work extensively with the Phoenix in 2017. It will be a part of the most of the workshops, courses and some classes. Guided Phoenix Meditation to be made available 

It is time to fix what was broken by 2016. A lot has been broken in 2016. Let’s simply say that the illusion, the fake fabric in front of your eyes has been weakened heavily and in some places smashes into pieces, like our shop on Ebay. We no longer sell on Ebay, we simply can’t do it anymore as there is no place for us inside such a robotic environment. (We are still selling products direct from our shamanic shop at hawkshouse).

Let’s make 2017 a year of rebirth of true human potential, the potential that leads men and women to awaken into own human-godhood. This road is quite long and takes usually dozens or hundreds of incarnations. I wish we all unite our effort to truly awaken and once we succeed, the higher dimensions will become our home as much as lower dimensions are our home now. If you want to find out more about awakening, about karma, about healing and freedom, visit us personally or online anytime you wish.

Thank you for all your support and for your willingness to awaken, for your readiness to speed up your evolution and for helping us by buying our products and services in this year and in previous years as well. 

There will be more Shamanic courses, workshops and classes this year.. Check online 

We are also expanding by offering Spiritual development groups and yoga classes around spring 2017.

We have a first Open House in March / April 2017 for you to find out more. Details in the next newsletter

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