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All Shamanic Courses, Shamanic Classes, & Workshops, Shamanic Healing are   provided in my residence in Derby ,close to, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, Leeds, Manchester, Newark, Oxford, Edinburgh London, based in England, United Kingdom, Europe, Planet Earth, Solar System and Milkey Way, Universe and Whole Creation


Hello all awakened and awakening people who need my shamanic healing and training I am Shamanic Doctor and Shamanic Magical Wizard and I can help with any , emotional , mental and physical problems, variety of emotional and other pains anywhere, like in brain, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, stomach, chest, legs, knees ,ankles and feet stress, anxiety, sadness, crying, tears, loneliness, basically from feeling devastated shaman will make you feeling enlightened All those pains caused by negative entities will go away and never come back Read guestbook to see it for yourself https://www.hawkshouse.co.uk/guestbook.html



My name is Robert Hawk, I live and work as Shaman, Healer and Guide, Shamanic Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Shamanic Artist. I have been doing Shamanic Healing Work since 2006.