Mind Body & Spirit Fair Mansfield 2014


Mansfiled Show May 2014                                                                       

The next North Star Crystals event at Mansfield Civic Centre is 10th and 11th May 2014

The  show has 70 stands and all of the 25 talks, demonstrations and workshops over the weekend are completely free !

A full list of speakers and workshops is available a few weeks before the show


Hawk'sHouse will present on 10th and 11th May


The Future Of Healing


Shamans have known for Millennia that it is possible to heal the future and mend the past. 


What does the Future of Healing Hold for you and me? Find out about the opportunities now entering our lives as spiritual rites blend with the re-emerging lost technology of ancient civilisations in a fusion called The Quantum trail blazer.


TheTalk covers the future of the healing. What it holds for us?It will on practical applications  Life Energy Technology with video presentation of Quantum Trail Blazer the best every application of Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich Today developed and operated by Life Energy Team 

Morphic Field of he Planet. Talk on Ancient and Modern Shamanic, esotheric, mystical and scientific mystery and secret. The morphic field of the planet is the energy field that holds all that ever happened, hppens nd ill happen on this planet. It is  blueprint for our experiences, for the way we percieve and it can be changed nd ltered as it already happened 52.000 years ago. The talk will be  on  Sunday

Where does morphic field come from? Where it will lead us? What is to encountered on our Journey - Evolution of Awareness of the Spirit being in incarnation? Unveil the Mystery of Shamanic Life in Mansfield May 2014