Mind Body & Spirit Fair Mansfield 2014


Mansfiled Show October 2014                                                                       

The next North Star Crystals event at Mansfield Civic Centre is 118th and 19th October 2014

The  show has 70 stands and all of the 25 talks, demonstrations and workshops over the weekend are completely free !

A full list of speakers and workshops is available a few weeks before the show


Robert from Hawk'sHouse will present on 18th and 19th October

 The Annunaki on Saturday  1PM

An extraterrestrial race that genetically created and manipulated mankind. Learn about the Anunaki, where they came from and the alternative history of mankind.


TheTalk covers the suppressed origins of human race. created andmodified more than 500000 years ago.  How the gold rush of 21st Centurey relates to the Annunaki and far more

Shamanic Initiation  on Sunday 4PM

A Shaman is someone who walks firmly grounded with one leg in this world and with the other leg in the other worlds, also firmly grounded.
The purpose of Shamanic Journeying is to enrich your life, to make
blossom. Healing and freedom is for everyone who dares to walk the
shamanic path. Once the Initiation takes place everything changes
forever. Would you like to know more?

Where does shamanism come from? Where it can lead us? What is to encountered on our Journey - Evolution of Awareness of the Spirit being in incarnation? Unveil the Mystery of Shamanic Life in Mansfield May 2014