Source of Shamanic Courses, Healing, Workshops and Visions in the UK. We provide Shamanic healing, Shamanic courses, Shamanic workshops and Meditation classes in our centre. Shamanic shop offers variety of shamanic products. All online transactions are secure and encrypted. Hawkshouse Shamanic Healing Centre has been established in 2006

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Hawkshouse is a Source of Shamanic Courses, Workshops, Healing and products. Shamanic Healing Training is delivered in Shamanic healing and Personal Freedom Course. All courses, workshops and classes are run by Robert Shaman, Healer, Teacher and Guide. We practice and teach ancient history and modern aspects of  Shamanism,  Shamanic Healing Course,  Shamanic Journeying and Drumming. Safe exploration of Shamanic Visions is facilitated in the Shamanic Workshops and Meditation Classes. Soul retrieval, Entity, Removal, Psychic Surgery, Depossession,  Past Life Healing, Pre Birth Healing and other forms of  Shamanic Healing take place in Hawkshouse, Clara Mount Road, Heanor, Derbyshire,  Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, East Midlands, England, UK.

Mayan Calendar and 2012 Nu-Me Pendant Silver Shamanic Drumming Cds
Create Your Own Destiny EMF Protecting Pyramid Shamanic Drum
Shaman Shamanic Healing Sacred Drumming in 2012
Healer Shamanic Course Shamanic Training

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